Getting A Golf Cart Insurance In South Carolina – What You Should Know

Golf cart insurance is not as well-advertised as auto insurance. So, if you don’t have enough information about the subject, you are not the only one.

Most golf cart owners include their “happy wheels” in auto or motorcycle insurance, and while that approach is good, it can be better. Your golf cart deserves a personalized policy, hence, the reason why you should get one.

And understandable, you’d have questions: why should you get additional insurance and do you really need golf cart insurance? What benefits are there and how much would it cost you? Most importantly, where and whom can you trust?

Fortunately, this article contains the answers to all your questions.

Do You Need A Golf Cart Insurance In South Carolina?

If you own a golf cart, then yes!

But, we have received inquiries from our clients that homeowners’ insurance suffices even for golf carts. Often, they (the clients) quote places like Texas where you don’t necessarily need insurance for a golf cart to drive it around.

Well, South Carolina is not Texas. Even in Texas, not all cities and towns permit you to drive your cart without liability insurance.

Besides, South Carolina has specific rules regarding golf carts. Here, the laws require personalized insurance for your golf cart especially when driving on public roads. Else, you won’t get a permit to use the carts to start. And say you avoided that; you would receive a fine of $100 or even 30 days behind bars if caught, and you’d be eventually!

So, back to the question: yes, you need golf cart insurance in South Carolina. It is a big deal here!

Now that we have established the necessity of getting insurance for your “happy wheels” in South Carolina, you deserve to know the benefits. What do golf cart policies even entail?

Before we answer that question, let’s help you differentiate between golf carts and low-speed vehicles. The line between the two is often blurry.

Golf Cart vs. Low-Speed Vehicle

Though the two automobiles are similar in shape and size, they are different. In particular, low-speed vehicles have higher speed limits than conventional golf carts. Low-Speed vehicles can reach 20 -25mph, unlike the latter.

As a result, golf carts and low-speed vehicles might require different policies depending on your state. It’s always best to ask your insurance company to know the right and legal steps to take.

That said, let’s see what golf cart insurance can do for you!

What Does Golf Cart Insurance Cover In South Carolina? What Are The Benefits?

There is little to pick apart between auto and golf insurance, their policies cover virtually the same damages. Nevertheless, here is what you can expect from golf cart insurance:

Bodily Injury Liability Insurance

This policy covers instances where you injured a passerby with your golf cart. Typically, this policy covers medical bills. It also handles legal matters if the “injured” sues you.

Note: there is a variation to this policy: uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury insurance. And it only covers your medical bills, especially if the other party isn’t insured.

Medical Payments

This policy is similar to bodily injury liability. The difference is that it also handles the medical expenses of your golf cart passenger – if there were any.

Collision Insurance

Unlike the bodily injury policy, this variation only covers repairs to your cart. There is no coverage for medical bills, injuries, or legal defense.

Comprehensive Insurance

This policy is more like a specialized collision policy. Here, the coverage handles damages only from natural causes. It also covers stolen golf carts.

Property Damage Liability Insurance

Like the name, this policy is the one that pays if your golf carts damage a neighbor or anyone’s property in an accident.

How Much Is Golf Cart Insurance In South Carolina?

Unfortunately, there is no one-quote-for-all regarding golf cart insurance. The cost often depends on your driving records, insurance company, the type of golf cart you drive, and a few other factors as determined by state rules.

Nevertheless, you can expect an annual fee of $75 for a single policy. But if you’re getting three, for example, the cost could rise to about $200 annually.

Pro tip: you can lessen the cost of insurance for your golf carts by buying more policies from the same company.

Where Should You Get Golf Cart Insurance in South Carolina?

Short answer: Aaron Miller Insurance! We can offer you affordable rates. Most importantly, we have personalized golf insurance for all types of golf carts. So, reach out today, and let’s give you a fair quote!

At Aaron Miller Insurance we’re here for you, and we’ll work to get you the best deal possible. Stay in touch with us at 843-999-0575 or email directly to so that we can make sure your policy is always working for you!

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