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While for some, insurance may be familiar, for others, it is an unknown, confusing world to enter. In Georgetown, South Carolina, insurance considerations look a little different as this area is prone to flooding and natural disasters. For instance, think of the detrimental effects of the 1989 Hurricane Hugo, a tremendous event that affected this seaport city.

Why You Need Georgetown Insurance

Whether you are about to purchase a property or thinking about moving homes, consider the floodplain regulations of the area. This is a helpful step that can save you time and money.

Starting the research process into appropriate insurance providers can feel exhausting. After hours of too many internet tabs and many reviews later, you might feel more lost than when you began. Needless to say, you are not the first one to be on the lookout for insurance.

A few tips to make your search more fruitful include:

  • Research insurance providers in your area and consider client reviews.
  • Compare quotes based on your needs. Choosing the most affordable option may not be the best solution for what you are looking for. Quotes for home or car insurance require details such as your area, the make of your car, the year of creation, your age, among others.
  • Compare insurance providers. There are countless options between smaller and larger insurance brokers available. Both types of insurance providers have different benefits. However, bigger companies tend to provide one-size-fits-all package options while smaller insurance agents can offer more individualized policies to fit your needs.

Georgetown Insurance

Average Cost Of Insurance in Georgetown

The price of insurance differs based on the county you’re located in, the coverage type you need, and your budget. In Georgetown South Carolina, auto insurance coverage can start from \$640 and go as high as \$1,202.

For home insurance policies in Georgetown South Carolina, policy coverage averages at around \$1,822. In addition, renters insurance can cost an average of $150 to $200 per year. This coverage will typically include protection against damage from falling objects such as trees, windstorms or hail, fires, and theft.

Different Types Of Georgetown Insurance To Consider

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is a broad category. It can include everything from coverage from theft, poor weather conditions, natural disasters, and accidental fires, for instance. There are further insurance options for non-homeowners in the form of renters insurance. These options are useful protection to consider for individuals’ furniture, electronic devices, and appliances.

Some landlords require their tenants to purchase renters insurance. Although this task may seem like an added responsibility at first, it is actually important for protecting you as the tenant. This factor is thanks to the personal liability of renter insurance.

Even if renters insurance is not mandatory legally, it may emerge as a condition of a loan. One example of this might be for someone looking to obtain a mortgage.

Flood Insurance

In Georgetown, South Carolina, the risk of flooding is quite high. There are five flood zones and Georgetown County is part of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Under this program, property owners need to have flood insurance policies if they are located in a special flood hazard area (SFHA).

Fortunately, there is a government loan to subsidize this in the form of Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC). This policy ensures the protection of buildings subject to frequent flooding and adjustment funding to fit within the standards designated.

For reassurance of your level of risk, it might be an idea to peruse where you fall on the map. This information is available on the Georgetown County website.

Car Insurance

Motor insurance includes coverage for cars and motorcycles. Consider comprehensive options such as collision, risk, medical fees, and uninsured or underinsured drivers. These insurance protection amounts differ based on the car type and what you are able to afford.

When seeking quotes, be sure to get as much information as possible before settling on one.

Final Thoughts On Georgetown Insurance

If you are a Georgetown, South Carolina, resident in need of insurance, there are a few avenues to consider based on your need.

Insurance is a necessary part of life that acts to safeguard the possessions and assets of individuals.  Whether you’re just starting out, or simply need to brush up on some of your facts, there is help available.

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