Do You Need Motorcycle Insurance?

Motorcycling offers several exciting experiences, especially when you’re navigating corners – with your lover holding you from behind.

The lovey-dovey aside, no other vehicle comes close to motorcycles in terms of open-road fun. However, motorcycling can also be dangerous – regardless of how often you do it.

According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), motorcycles are 29 times more prone to accident fatalities than other vehicles. While that might not necessarily make you blink, think back to the fact: motorcycles are merely 3% of all registered vehicles. Yet, they record the highest fatalities. What does that tell you?

The question shouldn’t be if you need motorcycle insurance because you do. Instead, here is what you should be asking:

  • What can you expect from motorcycle insurance?
  • Where can you get motorcycle insurance?
  • How soon can you get one?

That said, let’s get you the answers you seek – and need. But first, do you stay in Myrtle Beach? If not, you should!

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What Can You Expect From Motorcycle Insurance?

While different insurers might offer varied coverage, here are the basics of any motorcycle insurance policy:

Medical Payments

Frankly, motorcycles do not provide the same level of safety for their riders and passengers as other vehicles. For specifics, there is no covering on either side of a motorcycle. Neither is there any protection beneath or above the seats.

In essence, you’re exposed to risks at all times on a motorcycle. As such, the slightest accident will undoubtedly lead to severe injuries.

But there is good news: you can limit your injuries with safety helmets. Even better, you can reduce expenses on the injuries to zero. How?

With motorcycle insurance, rest assured of total coverage for all medical bills of any injury you might sustain. However, ensure you discuss the fine details with your provider. For example, will the policies cover only you or include your passengers?

Repairs, Damages, And Total Loss

The design of motorcycles means that they are susceptible to damages as much as you are prone to bodily harm. Besides, the high rate of likely accidents means that your motorcycle parts will ultimately give in – regardless of how sturdy the manufacturers built them.

When that happens, the chances are you might be low on cash or have more pressing needs. If only you had prepared ahead, eh? And mind you, we’re still talking about mere repairs and damages!

What if you lose the motorbike in the accident? Or what if the total cost of repair engulfs what you spent acquiring the vehicle in the first place? No amount of preparedness can help you, eh?

Fortunately, motorcycle insurance can help. With the right policy and provider, you can ease the repair cost for your vehicle. And with a total claim, you can get money for a new replacement for your motorbike.

Collision Coverage

Earlier, we focused on the damages inflicted on your two wheels by a third party. But what if you were at fault? What happens when you rammed into another’s vehicle? What if your negligence and recklessness caused the accident?

Ordinarily, we will advise you to take extra care while motorcycling. Equally, we understand that mistakes happen regardless of your vigilance. If that is your case, you don’t have to worry.

Motorcycle insurance policies also include collision costs. With the right provider and plan, you can pay for repairs and even total loss of the third party. However, ensure you discuss the limits with your insurer.

Overall, the available policies of your motor insurance depend on your location and your insurer. For that reason, it is best to always choose an experienced and local company. But who can you trust?

Where Can You Get Motorcycle Insurance?

The first factor to consider when choosing motorcycle insurance is your location. A local insurer will be well aware of your risk areas. That way, you’ll avoid unnecessary arguments and get fast responses.

Lastly, consider the coverage of your insurer. Are they streamlined to your needs? If the policies are not satisfactory, can you personalize them?

With personalized motorcycle insurance, you can increase and reduce your coverage & limits. Either way, you’ll streamline the policies to your needs under professional guidance.

Overall, the best place to get personalized motorcycle insurance in Myrtle Beach is Aaron Miller Insurance. Check out our full coverage!

How Soon Can You Get Motorcycle Insurance?

As soon as you are ready!

But what about the requirements? You will only know what you need when you reach out to an insurer. So, reach out today for a consultation. By the way, we offer free quotes!

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